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KKB Soft Skills Academy

Delivered in your boardroom, conference ballroom, or in a virtual environment, Karen is not only comfortable but skilled in delivering her message and training your team where they are.

What are Soft Skills?

...and how can you learn them?

Soft skills a set of personal attributes, behaviors, and social attitudes that enable individuals to interact effectively with others in a workplace or social environment. They are essential for building healthy relationships, communicating effectively, solving problems, and collaborating with others. Soft skills are intangible and subjective qualities that cannot be measured or quantified like hard skills. 

They are learned and developed through life experiences, practice, and self-reflection, and can be honed through various methods such as attending trainings and workshops, reading books, taking classes, or seeking feedback from others. 

Why Do You Need Soft Skills Training?

  • They are crucial in today's job market.

  • They are not taught in school.

  • They help us build meaningful professional and personal relationships, manage conflicts, and navigate social situations effectively.

  • Workers with good soft skills can help companies achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

  • Trust develops through positive interactions and relationships, and productivity increases in environments where soft skills flourish.

Academy Topic/Training Options





Academy Training Topics

Following is a list of currently available training topics:


Customer Service


Time Management

Program Management

How to Work With an Assistant

Young Adult Life Skills

Life Skills for Kids



Digital Organization

Image and Personal Branding

Need a topic you don't see? Just ask!!

Ready to learn more?

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