"We need people in our lives with whom we can be as open as possible. To have real conversations with people may seem like such a simple, obvious suggestion, but it involves courage and risk."


--Thomas Moore



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Coach and development partner.

Professional image presence guide.

Keynote and conference speaker.

Instigator and


Hello and Welcome!

You are on the verge of realizing the growth and development you deserve and desire.

The hardest part can sometimes be just taking the first step.

Let's get started together.

Hello! I am Karen Bannister, and I look forward to working with you!

My mission is holistically guide and coach purpose-driven women entrepreneurs and leaders toward a P.I.N.K. Lifestyle™ through business development, personal branding, integrative self-care, mindful thinking, and sustainability.

It is my vision to be the premier, diamond-standard global holistic coach for purpose-driven women entrepreneurs and leaders.

Creating Business with Purpose

I am certified as a life coach, an image consultant, and an administrative professional - through different organizations and for unique, although very closely related, purposes. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my BS in Business Administration, Organizational Leadership, and have worked in the corporate world (both private and public), supporting and in the C-suite, for 25 years.

After more than a decade of doing the exhaustive inner personal work, and realizing I had already been coaching "on the job" and helping countless executives and peers achieve their goals, I started my own business to help others succeed in their journeys.

I combine the principles of leadership and personal work to show you how to exercise your agency, self-worth, and personal power.

My work and instructions are heart-centered, full of energy and spirituality, integrative, and intuitive.

It all starts on the inside with your mindset.

Your beliefs and understanding and love of self determine everything else in your life.


I focus my work on women who, for a multitude of reasons, desire to live a purposeful, intentional, natural, and kind life.

They  want to become reacquainted with their authentic selves, visually, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Through KKB Learning, I offer courses in starting and running your own business; soft skills; and personal branding.

My P.I.N.K. Lifestyle™ Media provides a podcast, blog, books, videos, a weekly newsletter, and monthly magazine.

The wellness component is based on eco-awareness, self-care, holistic practices, and spiritual pursuit and studies, and will include information and offerings on skin care, healthy eating, and connection to nature.

At the KKB Shop, you can purchase items to further enhance and support your journey.

And, finally, my VIP Services offer more personal and specialty offerings (with limited availability)

President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Nashville Downtown Chapter

2020-2022 President of the WEST Chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)


First Fashion and Lifestyle Writer/Editor of the Orange County Business Journal


Author of Close the Gap: 7 Transformational Steps to Move You From Today to Tomorrow 

(and my 2nd book is due out soon!)


Host of the P.I.N.K. Lifestyle™ Show

My Why

To empower people to shed their limiting beliefs, take action on their goals and take control of their future best selves.

A little more about me:

  • A Certified Image Consultant through the Fashion Stylist Institute.

  • A Certified Life Coach through the Life Coach Institute of Orange County.

  • Certified Administrative Professional through International Association of Image Professionals.

  • Certificate holder in interior design from the Interior Design Institute; honored with their Hall of Fame designation.

  • Experienced a MAJOR spiritual awakening in 2017, and possess an intuitive, confident yet vulnerable, and open nature.

  • I'm direct, challenging, and honest - but also kind, supportive and encouraging. I'm engaged with and powered by energy received from the universe. But don't let the pink fool you...I'm not invited to meetings to play devil's adovcate for nothing!

  • Mom to a perfect, adult-age son (I may be biased, but it's true.)

  • I love animals and have two cats, Bobo and Baby.

  • I probably wear too much black, but I love it so much.

  • My favorite color is ballet pink (shocking, right?).


The How

A coach is a powerful, necessary, and proven business tooland your own secret weapon for success.

I provide courses, multi-media sources, a wellness platform, a shop for reinforcement, and VIP services.

My skills allow me to operate as a silent partner, as your spare conscience, and a voice of reason, an unconditional supporter, and personal challenger. I expect and push you to find your best self. I see through walls, personal roadblocks and denials, and do not shy away from asking the difficult questions.

As your development partner, my coaching and guidance are unconditional and impartial, and my only objective is your success. This relationship is a neutral, safe place to work and think through topics of your choosing.

I put the needs of my clients above any personal gain. Without your success, I have none - and I find my greatest joy in seeing your results. Your plan is created by you, the client, with customized objectives and activities for achieving your goal.


Contact Karen to learn more about your new path toward your best self!