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Signature Keynote Presentation

Close the Gap


Based on her book, Karen has defined the 7 steps to move from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow:

  • Learn how you have complete control over your progress

  • Personal stories that demonstrate the process

  • Why self-care is anything but selfish and how everyone benefits

Other Exciting Topics

The Power of Perfectionism


Striving to live a life of perfection is paralyzing, restrictive, and can lead to depression when it’s not achieved.

After living decades of her life trying to please others, Karen herself is a “recovering perfectionist,” and has learned how to embrace her imperfections, ignore outside expectations, and actually pursue failure - and as a result, is living a life of joy and adventure. In her work, she is driven and passionate about helping women change the way they see and think about themselves.


In her talk, she will share her personal journey, discuss misconceptions of perfectionism, and share three ways you can change your own mindset and start living life on your own terms and embrace - and love! - a life of imperfection.


Say Yes to the Power of No


How do take back your power and lose the fear to put your needs first with positive results? Karen has the answers:

  • Learn creative and non-threatening ways to say "no"

  • How to take back your power and establish authority

  • Why saying "no" makes you more productive, trustworthy and successful

Personalized Programs for your group

Various branding and image topics are available.

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