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Operational Excellence


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Karen K Bannister Consulting helps clients in their quest for top performance, desired results, and exceeded expectations. 

The goal is to make you the best leader by focusing on organizational effectiveness, staff performance, streamlined processes, aligned priorities, clear communications, and industry and business metrics.

Having the best marketing, sales teams, products, ideas - or even leadership - can still leave your company at risk if it's missing the operational systems needed to deliver.

Even the best strategy is ineffective if you can't execute.

What is Operational Excellence?

The result of creating a culture of continuous improvement and consistent, effective processes that deliver on the strategy and goals of an organization.

Operational excellence begins with a culture shift, where all leaders and employees are dedicated to creating not only a quality product but also providing great customer experiences.

How We Help

Office with a View



Through various, intensive process, created from decades of direct operational experience, you and your organization will receive a blueprint of how to align and achieve results based on your strategy and goals. 


Fractional Chief of Staff

When hands-on work is needed, the work of a top force multiplier and administrative leader will join your staff on a part-time and temporary basis, for a special project, strategy design, or a fresh perspective.


KKB Soft Skills Academy

If training is what your team or organization needs, personalized programs can be designed and delivered in workshops, classes, bootcamps, or retreats, either virtually or in-person.

Coming Soon: On-LineCourses

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