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Yes, You Should!

I’ve had some conversations with people all summer about things they think they might do, or things that maybe they think they should do.

I’m here to tell you…yes, you should.

It may be a little thought in the back of your mind, or maybe even a big dream that’s been lurking for years.

And you’re not sure if you should put yourself out there, or take a chance on “it” during this strange economic and crisis period we’re experiencing.

The answer is yes, you should.

You may be wondering if you should try joining something - a gym, a bowling league, a direct marketing company, a book club…and yes, you should.

Should you really spend your time learning something new? A new recipe, a new dance, a new language, even a new route to the grocery store - and the answer is yes, you should.

Should you start planning your next vacation? Should you go back to school? Get a new job, or even change careers? What about starting a company?

Yes, you should.

What happens when you start saying yes to yourself, is that you start putting your needs first.

A mindset shift starts to happen, and you’ll start seeing things in your life in a new light.

You will answer the calls sent to you by the universe. You may not know or think you’re ready for whatever comes at you, a new opportunity that sounds overwhelming and strikes a chord of fear in you. But if something is knocking on your door, it’s worth at least an investigation, right?

If you can’t or don’t immediately say ‘no’ - and mind you, there are plenty of times that ‘no’ is a reasonable response - that means that there is something inside of you that is at least curious. Listen to it.

Saying ‘yes’ is a tool used in improv class because it is a way to create forward movement, development, connection to your scene partner, and support.

By saying yes, you are giving yourself permission to acknowledge that there is more out there for you to experience and enjoy.

I know it can be terrifying. It may very well be outside of your comfort zone - but that’s where the magic happens!

I’m going out on a limb here and say that you probably know how to ride a bike, or swim. Something that you may not do every day, but it’s something you’re confident in doing. Or what about driving a car? Or cooking an egg?

Think back to the time before you had that skill. You may have felt apprehensive, possibly even fearful. But somehow, and through different means, you figured it out. You took a class. You tried it. You may have failed. You tried again.

And now you’re fully capable. You probably do it without much planning or thought.

All because you said ‘yes’ to the new experience and opportunity.

So what’s stopping you now, from trying something new?

Time? Money? Actually, if one of those is your answer, then those are just your priorities over that “thing” that you say you want. And that’s ok, just recognize it, and start to make a plan that allows you to say "yes."

Is it fear that is holding you back? Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of disapproval - from someone who probably isn’t trying anything in their own life?

Did I hit a nerve?

If “yes” leads you to failure, that’s ok. It erases the “what if” factor and you’re sure to learn something.

If a ‘yes’ leads you through the unknown, then do some research and ask for help.

If a ‘yes’ might bring disapproval, and you think you need outside confirmation of what you’re doing is right, ask the right people. Ask someone who has their hat in the ring, someone who knows the power of saying ‘yes,’ not someone who lives their own life by staying small and hidden.

And know that sometimes saying ‘no’ is actually your way of saying ‘yes’ to your needs, and putting yourself first. By saying ‘no’ to a dinner or party invitation is saying ‘yes’ to your selfcare, or family, or need to get up early the next day. Remember, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. A transfer of energy will happen - just make sure you’re transferring it to your preferred place.

So…yes, you should.

Start now. Start today. Say yes.

You’ll start to feel more confident. You’ll learn more about yourself. And you’ll start feeling and seeing a difference in your life and everything around you almost immediately.

(Legal disclaimer because, well, of people: ‘yes, you should’ only applies where no one else gets hurt and no property damage occurs.)

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