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Time Management Part 2 - Purpose and Practice

So…did you take the challenge? How did you do?

Did you find any surprises? Did you feel confused by the results and differences? And are you or are you not in control of how you spend your time?

As a reminder, I challenged you to compare your expectations to reality in terms of time commitment and management to give yourself a better perspective of how well you manage your own schedule.

I’ve had some feedback from some who said it was a great idea, and they maybe-kinda-sorta wanted to try it but didn’t for mainly one of two reasons: (1) they knew they were hopefully disorganized anyway, so they’ve learned to live with it, or (2) they didn’t have time.

Does anyone else see the irony?

You don’t have time to figure out where you can save yourself time?

Hmmm…I think I have my work cut out for me. I think we’re dealing with some fear here.

Fear of admitting you have work to do. Fear of realizing and finally accepting that you have unrealized goals and that accountability for that only sits on one person. I use the word accountability because I’ve come to greatly dislike the word blame - it creates too much negativity of thought, and that causes displaced anger, confusion, distraction and additional delay. I much more prefer to deal with positive thoughts and choices.

If you did take the challenge, I’m sure you learned a little more about yourself and how truly valuable time is, and where it can be better invested. Now that you’ve seen the value of paying attention to how you spend your time, take an action item to do it at least once a quarter. I guarantee you’ll find you’ve slipped somewhere (we all do!) and you’ll be better equipped with each cycle to self-correct and re-prioritize. Chances are, in a year (or maybe a month or sometimes even a week) you won’t be focused on the same things you handle today, so frequently resetting your schedule is normal.

If you didn’t take it, that’s OK. Maybe you already have things under control or you’re part of the group I mentioned earlier who didn’t have time to do it (?!?). But I still challenge you to try it. I even do an audit on myself from time to time.

As we venture into new seasons, we find ourselves transitioning out of summer schedules into more structured and hectic times. Back-to-school hits many, from elementary to college - and even if you don’t have kids, your traffic patterns are changing, and it probably takes you longer to get to work so you need to leave earlier. Holidays are approaching faster than we expect, trade show season is gearing up, your kids’ practice and game schedules are consuming weeknights and weekends…let’s face it, the next few months are going to be nuts! Let’s make this year the one where you’re better prepared to make your commitments, while still enjoying yourself and not experiencing as much stress.

But there’s another reason why I believe time management should be something everyone makes an effort to master.

When you have control over how you spend your time, you are in control of your destiny. And it’s not just about getting everything done. It’s training your brain to think and operate in a different, and I think, healthier way.

You find time to pursue other interests. You expand your knowledge and experiences. Your inner growth and power starts to expand. You find opportunities to allow the energy