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Don't Be Like Me

If you’re anything like me - and I know you are, since you’re reading this with probably a desire to learn something new or work on self-improvement - you know that there is no standing still, there is only moving forward or sliding backwards.

Hopefully, you also already realize that you are worth everything that you’ve ever wanted, or at least wanted to try.

And that you’re not like me, and realized it earlier than your 50th birthday.

Just in the past year do I feel like a lone flower, pushing my way up through a difficult and unexpected spot, to find the sun and realize my potential.

And let me tell you - it’s empowering like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

So let me break this down and just jump to my main point - life is too short to live the same day over and over, and you have a value that cannot be compared to anyone else.

I typically try to address growth and goals from a positive perspective, focusing on what you DO want, as the brain focuses where you send your energy. It hears “don’t,” but what follows that word becomes the actual focus and target, and where the energy goes. But today I want to have a different type of conversation, one that hopefully will bring attention to things that will help you on your journey and make you think about how you DO want to be in your space.

Don’t be like me and let fear or self-doubt get in your way. It’s only been in this past year that I’ve really started to take risks, to push myself, to do things I’d only thought of, but not thinking it would work, or I was good enough. Sure, I’ve overcome challenges in the past, and worked hard to get where I am, but I wasted a lot of time waiting for someone else to give me permission, figuratively or literally, to be me.

If you’re on this same track, or know someone who is, listen closely, take notes, listen again if needed.