The Transformative Image Program is a revolutionary and unique system for image refinement - it is a multi-step, in-depth, highly interactive, working from the inside-out process, after which you will have clear insight into who you are and the message you want to convey. It develops your confidence and heightened awareness of your inner beauty - where true beauty lives - and starts you on your path toward a P.I.N.K. Lifestyle™.


When the groundwork is done, we move to increasing your knowledge of body style and personal fit, design a newly-coordinated wardrobe, and recommend hairstyle and make-up updates. Karen will bring out your best self in a supportive, relaxed, detailed, and thorough process. You’ll get to know each other and build a bond that can last a lifetime.

Prep Work

You will forward photos to Karen (email, shared via Pinterest Board, etc.) of your design and life inspirations - designers, colors, music groups, quotes, activities, your favorite outfit(s), etc. Anything that moves you, or to which you aspire. There are also detailed questionnaires to complete to provide Karen with more insight.

Step 1

This revolutionary component starts with assessments, then moves onto 3-4 weeks of life coaching sessions - in-person or Zoom/Skype - to initiate your transformation work. It’s designed to not only be personal, but also engaging, confidential, respectful, and enlightening. During this time there will not be any physical image work, and it will help ensure that you find satisfaction in the end result of the entire process.

Step 2

This step will consist of instruction on the following topics: Etiquette and Manners, Communications, Speaking; Poise, Posture, Body language, Dining; and Neuro-linguistic Programming

Step 3

Let the physical transformation work begin! Divided into two separate in-person sessions, you will witness the reflection of your first weeks of your transformation. This work is deliberate, purposeful, clarifying, and educational, and will provide you with the tools and knowledge that will allow you the proper choices for the rest of your life. Oh...and a whole lotta fun!


  • An autographed copy of Close the Gap: 7 Transformational Steps to Move You From Today to Tomorrow

  • Personalized Wellness Client Package (approximately $200 value)

  • VIP or Discounted access to Workshops and Retreats

Session 1

The technical work and inspection starts and includes*: Measurements and photos, color analysis, an initial closet audit, and discussion of personal goals.

Session 2

Delivery, Presentation and Review Your Personal Style report, and includes*: body shape, personal color wheel, closet audit and wardrobe styling, hairstyle, skin care & makeup analysis, and recommendations for new wardrobe pieces​

Contact Karen for your free Strategy Session to start your path toward your best self!

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