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At Solvasa we embrace whole wellness in beauty by creating products and practices that balance your outside and your inside — designed to help you be fully present in your everyday and alleviate the effects of stress on your skin, mind and body.

Intention over habit. Attitude over age. Presence over everything.

Internal and extrinsic stressors are foils of such beauty and a major source of accelerated aging. Our approach to integrative beauty derives from 2000 years of new ideas to counter the effects of stress on our skin as well as our overall well-being. We marry time proven eastern tradition with modern western science to create an integrative approach to skincare and beauty, respecting the connection between skin, body and mind.

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The beauty of living


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Finding beauty through connection.

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Why Solvasa

Enriching the skin, body, and mind connection.


Solvasa Integrative Beauty brings together eastern tradition and western science. Created from a combination of a western root meaning sun and an eastern Sanskrit root meaning residence, Solvasa is a place where light resides, a vessel of light.

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