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What is an Identity Revolution?

And why do you need to be a part of it???

"Identity Revolution" is a movement, a mindset – and where I invite you to confirm your acceptance and love of self. It reflects recent changes and developments in the ways individuals view, understand, and express their personal identity.

This can involve changes in attitudes and beliefs about gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, culture, and other aspects of personal identity. The rise of social media, globalization, and greater exposure to different cultures and lifestyles have all contributed to the shift towards more fluid and diverse definitions of personal identity.

And I’m so in. All in. For everyone.

We are all free to claim our innate identity. We are all meant be free to express it as we see fit.

And it’s just that – personal. It’s you. It’s about your view, opinion, and beliefs about yourself.

It’s about designing and creating your personal brand and image from a place of authenticity with a goal to please and satisfy you and create internal validation, while also learning to deflect and reject judgement, denial, and opinions of others. It’s about ensuring that your message – on all levels and in all forms – is sent out into the universe with your exact intent on how you want to communicate it.

What is a personal brand and why is it important?

It helps you establish a unique image and reputation. By creating a strong personal brand, you differentiate yourself from others by creating a lasting impression on others, including potential customers, partners, and investors. A well-crafted and intentionally designed personal brand can also enhance your credibility and increase your perceived value, which can make it easier to secure business opportunities and partnerships. It also helps you establish yourself as thought leader in your field, which can lead to increased media exposure and public speaking opportunities.

Ultimately, personal branding helps you build a lasting legacy and grow your business by establishing a trusted and recognizable image.

(I plan on going so much deeper with this in other posts. This is just scratching the surface).

When designing and creating a personal brand, all the while embracing your true self and finding ways to express it freely, we also need to acknowledge and accept the flip side. The part over which we have NO control: how others receive your message. Zilch. Nada. That’s on them. And you’re up against human nature. We are visual creatures, and those who have not done the immense work to become self-aware and emotionally intelligent form biased opinions about you within seconds. SECONDS.

Consider this: why are marketing companies paid millions to create awareness and generate interest in products and services? Because they help communicate the value of offerings to customers and persuade them to choose a brand over competitors, which ultimately drives sales of a product or service by identifying and fulfilling the needs and wants of target customers.

They do this by building and maintaining relationships with customers and increasing brand loyalty.

And by speaking directly to their target customers who are known to understand their messaging.

Your response to all this may be: “I don’t care. I am who I am, and you should accept me for that. What I wear shouldn’t matter.”

I do agree. I want you to embrace everything about you, learn more about you, and live your fullest and freest life. And, I also want to clarify that what you wear is only one facet of your brand. But like I said above, it’s not that simple. Communication isn’t one-sided. In fact, unless there is a giver and a receiver, communication doesn’t exist. And, again, we’re dealing with human nature and societal norms and expectations (think about how doctors and lawyers are expected to look and dress. We’ll start talking about the science of this very soon.)

That's why you need to be a part of the Revolution.

Be brave. Push back. Love yourself. Remain resolute and consistent in your messaging and who you are. Truly understand and embrace your own identity, attitude, and belief on every level.

And if they don’t get you – they’re not your people. Go find your tribe.

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