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Welcome to Healthy September!

Welcome to Healthy September! I’m not here to organize a challenge (this time, at least!), but to share my personal journey with you.

We can all agree - it’s been a helluva summer. Actually, a helluva year. And I’ll admit - it’s been stressful. Between my kidney stones, being quarantined, and then moving across the country, I’ve been mentally stretched. At times I let things catch up with me. I didn’t completely fall of the proverbial health wagon, but I had moved to the back seat. But now I’m ready to retake the reins and get back on track.

I feel good, but I’m ready to feel FANTASTIC. My habits didn’t completely fall apart, but I need to focus more. I’m 51 and want to live to 101, so time to get serious. I mean, not too serious, because what fun would that be?

Starting September 1st, and then for the entire month, I will be doing the following - and I invite you to join me (either for healthy choices or for pure entertainment value):

1. M-F, doing 16:8 intermittent fasting. I’ll only be eating between the hours of 10am and 6pm, which isn’t really much of a change for me, so I don’t expect any hangry issues. I’m back to solely vegetarian-based eating (even on weekends), and my daily smoothies (to which I am totally addicted). And I have this new daily fasting smoothie I’ll share with you.

2. Water. Water. Water. Did I mention water? This won’t be a stretch - or even a change - and I'm minimizing soda (it's my one vice - no judging!). And alcohol? I pretty much gave that up almost a year ago, with very few exception. So unless it’s a fine champagne to celebrate something, I'm done with it as I don’t miss it.

3. Daily exercise and meditation. I did sign up for a 100-mile running challenge fundraiser (to benefit Stop Soldier Suicide), which only equates to just over 3 miles a day, and I do want to get back into running…but this hot, humid weather is killing me. I don’t have a treadmill, and I don’t belong to a gym, so I’ll run when/where I can and do my best, and find other ways to move inside. Meditation, which I have been doing daily for over two years, is a must for maintaining a healthy mindset. I’ll share some helpful tips if you need help getting started.

4. Daily skin care regime. I’ll admit, I haven’t followed my plan as closely as I have before, and I need to keep this skin healthy! And I keep it simple. None of that 15-step stuff you see some celebrities doing. Good lord, who has time for that? I have some good stuff to share, too!

5. Sleep. Being an entrepreneur is a huge time commitment (and I love it!), but I need to get better sleep and keep more consistent hours.

And also, and probably most importantly, I will remember to grant myself some grace and love. If I slip will choose forgiveness and just re-focus.

I’m not going to over-saturate my social media feed with too many updates, so don’t feel like you’re left out if you don’t see anything everyday there. But I will be posting updates here throughout the month!




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