Small & Simple Steps Towards a More Sustainable Lifestyle

This is a condensed transcript from the episode of the same name for Conscious Choice Podcast, released on January 29, 2020.

Jenny: Hi, I’m Jenny. I consider myself an Eco-mom, you know the one who sends their kids’ to school with reusable water bottles and packs their lunch in metal containers. This may not seem too extreme now, but imagine what it was like sixteen years ago. My kids used to say, “Moohhhmmmm, that’s so embarrassing!” A lot has changed since then, more families have become aware of the positive impacts of a conscious lifestyle; which has helped it become more socially acceptable to make Conscious Choices. I look forward to supporting each other one tiny Conscious Choice at a time.

Karen: Hi, I’m Karen. I consider myself a newbie to conscious living. I’m excited about discovering this world and all that it has to offer. I look forward to not only learning more about how I can make a personal positive impact on the environment and world around me, but how I can help others find their path toward making conscious choices they can easily do and maintain.

Karen: So, what is Conscious Choice Podcast all about and did we get started? Back in the Fall of 2019, Jenny and I met at a conference in San Francisco for professional color designers. This was my first color or even image consultant conference, and I signed up for networking, to get directly involved in the industry, and to learn what I could. I don’t have extensive formal training in color, but it is a part of what I do, and where better to learn about it from a color association.

Jenny and I exchanged business cards and started following each other on FB. A few weeks later she reached out to schedule a call.

Jenny: I was excited to talk to Karen because she posted on her FB page that she was interested in sustainability. I thought, since we share a background in personal branding and color wouldn’t it be great to collaborate on sustainable style!? I kid you not, as soon as I read that post, I responded with a comment and sent and followed up with an email to connect.

Karen: I was so excited that Jenny responded so quickly! I could tell that she was a powerhouse and expert on the subject, and had passion about it. So of course I jumped at the chance to even just have a 1:1 conversation with her on the topic. I knew I had a lot to learn and figured she’d be able to point me in the right direction. I never expected this!

Jenny: It was so easy to talk with Karen and I loved how excited she was about sustainability. I remember Karen saying, “This is great, what can we do to collaborate?” I said, “What about co-hosting a podcast?”

Karen: And then I said…well, I have my own podcast, Bannister Breakdown, so I had some familiarity and am comfortable with podcasting.

Jenny: I couldn’t believe it. I’ve thought about starting a podcast for about three years, but didn’t have a topic nor the technically know how to get one started. Meeting and collaborating with Karen was meant to be. We brainstormed for about 30 minutes, offering up ideas and names for the podcast. We literally came up with the outline and context of the show in no time flat. The original name was The Mindful Choice, but we felt like Conscious Choice would reach more people concerned with and considering environmental impact.

Karen: Once we landed on a name, I started our social channels - IG, FB, LinkedIn, go find us!

Jenny: Once we had the social channels secured, I called a graphic designer to create our branding. And voila, we are ready to bring-on change.

Jenny: Conscious Choice: The Podcast provides listeners with practical and actionable nuggets of information to start initiating behavioral changes towards healthier and more sustainable living. Each episode has one eco-conscious topic and then we share three thoughtful options that you, our listeners, can make that work for where you are in your conscious/sustainable lifestyle journey. Taking small and simple steps together will make a big impact. Let's show Mother Earth how much we love and appreciate her.

With Hugs & Heart let’s begin. xx

Karen: Again, this episode is “Small & Simple Steps Towards a More Sustainable Lifestyle”

Stella McCartney, the daughter of Paul McCartney of the Beatles fame, is an eco-fashion designer out of the UK. She says, “Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit does count.”

With that, we think these 3 options are a great place to start:

  1. Wear your clothes longer. According to Elizabeth Cline - “Just by wearing your clothes for 9 months longer, it can reduce your carbon footprint for that garment by 30%.”

  2. Be mindful of the pre-packaged food in our grocery stores. It’s understandable that convenience is important, but the packaging waste adds to the landfill. Avoid chemicals that are added for freshness.

  3. Use re-usable containers for any variety of purposes - including coffee mugs, leftovers at a restaurant, metal straws. Using less plastic bags and paper cartons.

Which one can you incorporate into your life so help build a sustainable lifestyle? Let us know at

Thank you!

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