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Sacrifice and Anger – two keys to moving forward


How bad do you want it?

“It” has a different meaning for everyone…but we all have one.

So…how bad to you want “it”? What will you sacrifice to get it?

Comfort zones are not conducive environments to change. And when you want something different in your life, it requires change.

It means saying “good-bye” to something you currently have and opening your mind, heart, and soul to the “it” that you desire. And not usually easy nor a smooth path.

Personally, I’ve been tested. Pushed to the extreme, particularly lately. I had a plan. And a year ago, it was a strong plan. Things were progressing right on schedule and I had the optimism of someone who felt like the Universe had answered her call.

Then…March 2020.

My business was so new, I wasn’t prepared to pivot the way others were. I was shocked and heartbroken. I’ll admit I didn’t react the way I should have, but at the time, I tried to do the best I could. After the classes I was scheduled to teach, the programs I was engaged to design, and the clients who were showing interest all got cancelled, I panicked. I froze. I was completely alone in this venture, I had bet on myself in every sense of the word (including financially), and it was all shrinking away faster than I could keep it together.

It wasn’t pretty.

I also continued in vain to return to the corporate world (also a part of my original plan!), but the leads and interviews I had had no success. The straws at which I could grab were quickly disappearing.

Accepting that things needed to be shaken up, and with a life-line tossed to me by my best friend, I sold a lot of my belongings and moved across country, to a state I’d never even visited let alone thought of becoming a resident. I figured after a month or two, things would settle down a little and finding employment, while also re-establishing my business, would be easier.