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My 2021 Word of the Year

I have spent the last few days of this year thinking about what I want and need out of 2021. And what I want isn’t specifically localized to me – I desire a much larger impact for the world.


Defined by as “the act or process of regaining health (n)”; and “growing sound; getting well; mending (adj)” …I think we all need at least a little.

Other words for goals to come to mind: Perseverance. Relentlessness. Ferocious. Personal growth. Kick ass.

But I’m ready for everyone to give themselves a little more grace than usual and create a wholeness that is needed to not only feel better, but perform better.

This past year has been – to use a word that has been overused – unprecedented, at least in our lifetimes. If you were alive and could remember 1918, I’m sure you would feel differently. But we have all grown up and existed in a world with minimal (depending, of course, on where you lived politically and geographically) with few restrictions. We could and would go, gather, do, be, start whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Go to dinner with friends…take a flight for business or vacation (I don’t know about you, but I always wiped down my seat, armrests, and tray table even before this mess because…ick) …go to a movie…see a concert…go to an amusement park…visit family…these were all everyday things we took for granted (even though we didn’t know we were) without giving it much thought. It was just, you know, the way life is/was.

I’m exhausted. I miss my family. I miss my son. I miss my friends. I miss eating chips and salsa with a blended margarita in the fresh night air. I miss watching movies on the IMAX screen. I miss rollercoasters. I miss Halloween Horror Nights. I miss just grabbing my purse and going out JUST BECAUSE I CAN.

Some of you may be thinking, “it’s your life. Just go do it. Don’t let others tell you what to do.” Well, here’s the rub from my perspective. It’s not just me. Seriously, I’m the least of my worries. I’m pretty healthy, so if I catch it, chances are in my favor of a solid recovery. But not everyone is so lucky. Am I a carrier, and could I pass to someone who could pass it to someone who is compromised? And what are the lasting health effects of this thing? I have no idea on either one. But what I do know is that this is temporary, and I am choosing to put the health and well-being of my fellow man above my selfishness.

Did it impact my business? Uh, yeah, right when I was on the verge of landing some amazing contracts. Oops. I admit my reaction was too slow and I didn’t pivot fast enough. I think I was in shock and, quite frankly, engaged in a bit of a pity party. But hey, I’m human.

Did it impact my ability to return to a corporate job? Again, yeah, it did. I’m still looking. I believe in income diversity/varying income channels…and I’m not only good at running an office and helping executives build and run companies, but I enjoy it. But…you know the story.