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Mindful Check-in: Tips to Survive Physical Distancing

Hi, everyone, hope you’re doing well.

I just wanted to do a quick mindfulness check-in, see how everyone is doing in these uncertain times.

I know you’re tired…I know I’m tired…things are changing on an almost hourly basis…so we should do everything that we can to keep ourselves healthy, both mentally and physically.

So I am here to share some tips with you that have worked for me and for others with whom I’ve spoken and worked. I hope that they’ll work for you as well.

7 Ways to "Survive" Physical Distancing/Social Connecting

  1. Keep a daily morning routine. Get up at the same time. Make your bed. Go for a run, have a shower, get dressed, have breakfast, get a hot cup of coffee / tea.

  2. Open the blinds or curtains - and if the weather permits, open the windows.

  3. Stay active and healthy. Don’t lose the good habits you have - or take this opportunity to develop new ones! Get physical exercising, yoga and meditation - that may not sound physical, but it has both physical and mental benefits. Eat as healthy as you can. I know you may have limited supplies, but make the best choices you can. Lose the excuse that you don’t have an extra 30 minutes. You’ve probably lost your commute…there you go!

  4. Go outside. Go for a short walk, or sit on your patio and get some fresh air and sunshine.

  5. Use the telephone. Have daily calls / face times with your loved ones. Check on your neighbors. If you’re working, before you send that email or text, consider calling them.

  6. Use this time wisely. Learn something new. Read that book or listen to that podcast. Journal. If you’re not by yourself, play games. Talk. Laugh. Tell stories. Eat meals together.

  7. Practice gratitude and thankfulness. Find something every morning and every evening for which you can be thankful

Remember that this period of transition will end, and that we’re all on this together. Visualize how you want to be - positive? Stronger? Smarter? Better skilled in something? Your energy goes where your mind and focus go.

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