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Intermittent Fasting Update - Week 2

Last week I reported that I felt great at the end of the week - and this week was no different. No weight lost, but non gained, and that’s a win in my book. Besides, that’s not why I’m trying this.

Longevity and feeling great is the goal.

(And I have no idea why I pick funny animal pictures to go along with these posts, but they do bring a smile to my face.)

I decided to check in at the end of the weekend to report how much differently I ate while not sticking to the fasting plan (remember, I only eat 16:8 on weekdays). What I found interesting is, outside of Saturday night pizza night - homemade, by the way - I noticed that I still stuck to the schedule. Well, mostly. I did eat dinner a little late on Friday night, but I was on calls almost day, so it set my schedule off. But like I said at the start, I would have grace with myself and not worry about one little slip.

In fact, it’s so easy to stick to the schedule, it almost feels like I’m missing something. But that also tells me that it’s a natural way for me to eat. Those midday fruit smoothies are still my favorite, but as I mentioned last week, I have also found delicious veggie smoothies that are a delicious way to end my eating cycle for the day.

New from Fastify, these savory smoothies (more like a soup to me), they do a great job of keeping up energy levels and keeping any cravings down.

My favorite is the Chickpeas for Change, but the Red Reformation and Green for a Day are delicious as well. And the fact that they are vegan and organic makes them even tastier.

By the way - I am not following a liquid diet. I just realized that all my talk about smoothies may sound like it. I eat 5-6 small meals or snacks during my 8-hour period, including those smoothies.

And the most unexpected part for me? I don't wake up hungry in the morning. Don't get me wrong - I still enjoy food. I savor each meal and each bite. Maybe this process is helping me appreciate it all better. It certainly is helping me pay more attention to the fuel I choose to put into my body.

And thank goodness, my movement was better this week. It’s still too humid for me to go for walks, but my goals were accomplished inside. I even bought yoga blocks so I could do that better this week.

As of tonight, I have 2.5 weeks left in the month to complete my September fasting experiment. But since I am already starting to feel a positive difference (better sleep, less bloating, simplified meals), I’m not sure I’ll want to change at the end of the month.

But like all things, I’ll let you know at the end if the novelty has worn off. Or hopefully, if new habits have been formed.

See you next week. And let me know if you need more information on anything.

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