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Let’s talk about beauty products. There are multiple amazing companies and products available today that offer green, sustainable, toxin-free products. And thank goodness, right? The cumulative effect of ingesting, consuming, and absorbing them into your skin is terrifying. At 51, I can’t even begin to imagine how much potential damage I’ve done to my body over the years because I simply didn’t know any better. I am very thankful to have a clean bill of health, but the risk is no longer worth it.

In the past few years, I’ve started to pay so much more attention to it. I’m still not perfect as at times I got lazy and purchased what I was used to buying, staying right smack dab in the middle of my comfort zone.

So, during the process of learning about new products and new companies, I kept an open mind about all of them. Luckily, we have this marvelous thing called the internet, and research is so much easier than it used to be.

I’d also like to point out that what works for you, may not work for someone else. If you find a product you love, the other products from the same company you may not even like for various reasons. The important thing is to keep trying until you find something that you LOVE. Then pay attention to how your skin and body react, and remember that as time moves along, our needs may change. Age, hormones, sun exposure, medicine - they all have an effect on our bodies and skin, and how we take care of ourselves needs to adapt to those needs.

I start this discussion today partially because I want to tell you something that I NEVER thought I’d say.

After doing research, I find myself as a consultant for a couple companies that are classified as MLMs - Multi-level marketing.

Did you cringe when you read that? I’ll admit, sometimes it’s difficult to believe it myself. But these companies are actually amazing and I’m proud to be part of them.

For years, I stayed away from them. I mean, I was sometimes a customer of some of them, but I never had a desire to become a representative of any of them because of their reputation as pyramid schemes, the inability to really make any money, and the ridiculous and unrealistic sales expectations and requirements. Some of them actually kinda scared me when I learned more about them.

I also did not like - no, let me rephrase that - I abhorred, the recruiting process, the reps expending as much if not more energy trying to get me to be one of them more than they were selling the product.

Oh man, every time I think of that phrase “pyramid scheme” I think of that one episode of The Office where Michael was trying to get his employees to sign up for something and Jim stood up and drew a triangle on the board? I love that show.


This seems to be a new world, and I proudly find myself of two of these organizations. Why, do you ask, have I decided to align myself with these types of companies that I had so long avoided? Well, trust me, it took me a while to decide if they were worth it, if they even fit into my business plan and structure, and how I was going to include them in my services without sounding crazy.

And what it came down to was this:

I actually love their products and their missions.

It’s that simple.

In some categories, they are in direct competition, in others, they’re not (because only of them sells nutrition products). Now, I don’t use all the products from either company, but the ones I DO use, I’m addicted.

And if I’m going to talk about them, and encourage others to use them because they are A-MAZ-ING…why not put my money where my mouth is and join their organizations? It was minimal cost for me, and I was spending that amount on products anyway, so it all made sense to me.

Now, here is where I’m going to integrate these products into my business. I am not actively recruiting for what is referred to as my down-line in either of these companies. I’m told that’s where more money can be made, but that’s not the draw for me. I’m not in the recruiting business. I’m in the image and mindset business. So the attractive part for me is the PRODUCTS, and the easy ability I now have to get them in front of you. Yes, I’m running a business. Yes, my goal is to make money. Who isn’t?

But see, I also recommend products from companies I DON’T represent, or have an affiliate link or association. Because my ultimate goal is to get the best products I can into your hands to help you on your health and wellness journey. You know that I do image consulting from the inside out…this is part of that.

If you’re not healthy and feeling great on the inside, it will be reflected on the outside. Your clothes may fit perfectly, be the right colors, and convey the right message, but if you feel “blech” on the inside, or if your skin is healthy, you’re only doing half the work and you’ll always end up feeling “less than.”

The inside work is a multi-level, integrative process - there is the mindset…

There is your nutrition, which as you probably know, affects your body on many levels, including mental health, skin health, hair health, etc.

And while I’m not a health coach, per se, I do work with you on the inside stuff to ensure that the outside stuff is exactly what you need it to be. Sure, we pick out your best colors and find the best clothing shapes to complement your body type, but that’s only half of it, and I passionately believe in the mind-body-spirit connection. You can’t improve one without affecting another, so why would you want to ignore them?

But back to products.

Again I am currently representing two companies, and I’ll tell you about them now. Again, not because I want to recruit you (I mean, I’m also not going to tell you no, don’t join, but you’re not getting that spiel from me).

First, I joined a new company, Solvasa.

The first thing that grabbed my attention about company is that everything is based on mindfulness.

They embrace whole wellness in beauty by creating products and practices that balance your outside and your inside — designed to help you be fully present in your everyday and alleviate the effects of stress on your skin, mind and body.

One phrase they use in their messaging is something I absolutely love and it strongly resonates with me! It’s this:

Intention over habit. Attitude over age. Presence over everything.

They marry time proven eastern tradition with modern western science to create an integrative approach to skincare and beauty, respecting the connection between skin, body, and mind. I mean, how amazing is that?

I have to say that throughout my life, I have used so many brands and types of cleansing masks that I wouldn’t even want to try to name them. So many. Some better than others, and some I can’t even find anymore. But what got me hooked on them was their Golden Harmony Cleansing Mask. I don’t mean to use this platform as a sales tool, but I do want you to know why I love them and why I chose to be more than just a customer.

And just recently, I signed on with Arbonne, which is celebrating their 40th birthday this year.

I’ve actually been customer of theirs for quite some time. I absolutely love their Vanilla Protein Shake Mix. I use it to make my smoothies with nut milk, yogurt, fruit, and then I also add in a dash of the Greens Balance. I can totally tell the difference in how I feel on days I don’t drink it.

But what got me to sign on as a rep is that they, too, promote a holistic approach to healthy living, and focus on the whole body to flourish inside and out. They operate on the philosophy that the healthiness of the mind, body, and skin are all connected.

They are also a Certified B Corporation, which means they have proven themselves to be committed to being accountable for our actions to the planet, through greener packaging and responsible operations.

Now that I’ve told you about these two companies and the products I love, if you do want to learn more, visit my website’s “Health & Wellness Resources” page. When you’re there, you’ll notice that I have other companies listed, those I label just as “affiliate” - and I do get a small percentage from whatever you buy using my link, or “just a fan” or - and that’s because I’m either in love with their products and they don’t have independent reps or affiliate programs, and I still want to recommend them to you. I get no financial compensation from them, and they probably don’t even know that I have them listed, but I know they’re worthy of being purchased.

I will add products and companies as I find them, whether or not I sell them, receive commission, or just simply adore them. My true goal in this is to provide a service to you, my customers. As an image consultant, I feel part of my job is making sure you have access to the best I can find, with a good variety as we all have different preferences and needs.

I do have my own requirements - beauty, skin, and nutrition products or websites must be sustainable, clean, green, cruelty-free. On that, I will not budge. Now, keep in mind that I am still working things out of my life that do not fit that description, and it’s a slow process, but I’m getting there. And by the way, if you’re interested, I’m co-host on another podcast called Conscious Choice Living Podcast, where we talk about green and sustainable living, and I share my “newbie” journey as part of it with listeners. I’ve learned so much from my friend, Jenny, and adopted it into my life.

When it comes to food, I am what I heard is called a flexitarian - I am vegetarian at home and as much as possible when I go out or over to someone else’s home (when it’s safe to do so, anyway), and I do that because I don’t want to cause anyone else any trouble over my choices. That means that although I’d rather not, I will eat meat when other options are not available - oh, and I’m a very picky eater, which means there are a lot of vegetables I just won’t eat. Makes being vegetarian quite an entertaining task. BUT…you’ll notice that if and when I do share recipes, websites, or some nutrition info, it most likely will be vegetarian.

But…back to the MLM thing. I can’t speak about other companies, but I’m quite pleased with what I’ve seen from these two so far. Have I made any money? Um, not really. But again, that’s not the primary reason for me signing up. I believe in and am in alignment with their missions and goals and I love their products and I think you will, too, if you try them.

Will I talk about them both at the same time? Not likely. I believe they both have their strengths and I have my favorite products, and they each run their own separate specials and seasonal deals. Once in a while I will, like when I talk about my smoothies. I use the Arbonne Vanilla Protein Shake, with the Greens, with fruit, nut milk, and yogurt…then I add the Solvasa Golden Moment Tumeric Elixer. Holy cow, the amount of nutrition packed into that daily treat is mind boggling. Many people drink the elixir mixed in hot water, but I don’t like hot drinks. No, not even coffee or tea. I know, I’m weird.

Another quick questions I get is: are they inexpensive? No. I will flat out say, no, they are not. But as with many other things in life: you get what you pay for. You’re buying the science. You’re buying better ingredients. You’re not filling your body or treating your skin with toxins.

Just like when you choose to work with me as a consultant or coach - I’m not the cheap option. I have years of experience and training to support my programs. You’re not buying or even getting my knowledge of 30 minutes. You’re getting what I have learned over a lifetime of experience.

I guess my main point in this episode is that you should do what works for you. Make choices that improve YOUR life. Keep your options open for whatever may come your way. Allow yourself to accept that the options available to you for health and beauty and wellness products are almost unlimited. Try what works for you. READ THE INGREDIENTS. Move away from toxic products and ingredients. And when in doubt, ask someone who has done the research, someone who has already put in the time to ensure they are good for you, your family, and the planet.

Again, check out my Health & Wellness Resources website page, as new information will be added as I find them. And if you know of another company that should be listed, drop me an email are or and I’ll look into them. I don’t care if they have an affiliate program or not, I want to provide the best resources I can to my clients and loved ones, so don’t be shy.

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