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Fasting update - Week 1

I’m feeling great, I just like the funny kitty picture. I assure you I’m not screaming in pain or having hunger pangs.

I have to say, this week was great. I stuck to my plan, although I could have moved more. Meditation was on point, but need more physical movement. I know that owning a business is no excuse, and I know I feel better when I do move, but it’s been a very work-intensive, on-the-phone, on-Zoom, computer heavy week. I’ll get it next week.

The fasting plan has been as easy as I expected! I do seem to feel a little hunger at night, but that may just be a habit I need to break. I’m surprisingly not really hungry in the morning, which helps me ease into the day when I wake up early. One day I had to remind myself to eat at 10am. I ate healthy and vegetarian all week. My daily fruit/protein smoothies are still my favorite, using my Arbonne Vanilla Protein Shake Mix and my Greens Balance. Major yummy.

I’ve also now started drinking these new vegetable smoothies to end the day, which are actually more like soup (I'll share those next week). I'm back down to only 1 soda a day, and don’t miss it the rest of the day, when I consume water almost continuously.

Let’s see how I behave over the weekend, since I’m only sticking to my fasting plan on weekdays. Suddenly I want pancakes for breakfast. And pizza for dinner. Hmmm….

And although I’m not doing this with the intent of weight loss - I am rather focusing on living a long, happy life - I did lose 2 pounds, which is a healthy level to do.

So, week 1 down, 3 to go in this experiment. Let’s hope the rest are as easy as the first (and not like motherhood, where they tell you that if your first-born is wonderful, be prepared for the second. And I only had one, so I have no experience in dealing with the second. Fingers crossed, everyone…).

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