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2023 Word of My Year

Have you chosen a word of your year? Choosing one helps being clarity and focus for the year (think of a party theme – everything flows together!), and helps you get closer to your goals. If you haven’t yet set goals (which is another discussion), your word can help guide you. How do you choose one? You could just hear a word that “speaks” to you. You can choose one from your list of goals. You can make a list of words that elicit an emotion. You can write a list of things you want to create in your life or things you’d like to change. It’s an exercise that shouldn’t be rushed, but also something that should come to you rather quickly.

My Word of 2023 is Action.

According to, the word action means:

  • the process or state of acting or of being active.

  • an act that one consciously wills and that may be characterized by physical or mental activity.

  • actions, habitual or usual acts; conduct.

Rather than selecting an emotion word this year (hope, joy, etc.) or something that would reflect on something in my past (i.e. healing), I looked for a word that was forward-looking and would spur me to reach my goals. I started by creating a list of words that held some sort of meaning, but they all fell under and led me to choose Action.

This word has already had a profound effect on my life. It has created movement and creativity. And I’m excited about the rest of the year! Here is how it is helping me:

  • Action – to take care of my health. It’s the end of January and I have completed or scheduled preventative tests for the year and made adjustments to my exercise and meal planning (notice I didn’t say diet – I’m not on a diet, I’m making better choices).

  • Action – to improve and grow my mindset. I have engaged with new mentors and coaches and created new plans. I recite and write affirmations daily, which get me started off with power each day.

  • Action – to create my ideal schedule. I’ve thought about and worked on it for a while, but finally got it set this week. Yay! I have something to celebrate. Action – to create new positive habits. I am now a member of the 5am club and have time to set the tone for my day. I’m a natural night owl so I expected this to be difficult, but it was actually pretty easy. I have also made small adjustments to other behaviors (what I eat, how much money I save, exercising, etc.), which I started last year around Thanksgiving. I’m also looking for more things to improve about myself.

  • Action – to connect with new people, to volunteer, create friendships, and grow my network. And to stay connected or reconnect with the amazing friends I already have.

  • Action – to get involved with things that bring me joy. I purchased a membership to the local museum, spend more time outside/in nature, and am more involved in my spiritual practices. I go to the theater when I can and make small tweaks to my interior décor when I’m inspired.

  • Action – to take the steps needed to grow and expand my business.

  • Action – to travel more and see my son more than once a year.

  • Action – to stop planning. And take ACTION.

You also may notice that I did not post this at the very start of the year. New Years – or any date – is truly arbitrary. Why restrict yourself to waiting for a specific day when you have the freedom to start making changes NOW.

I give you permission and the freedom to start making changes you want now. Today. No matter how big or small. Start now.

But, if my clients (or you!) are more comfortable with setting a specific day to kick off new goals and have a target date, I always suggest they use their birthday. It’s the start of a new year, another rotation around the sun, and easily remembered. It’s a day of celebration and a great time to look forward to new things. And if it’s too distant in the future (or your birthday solicits a feeling other than excitement or joy), then we work to find another celebratory day. It should be aligned with a day of meaning to create positive energy and something to look forward to. New Year’s Day just happens to work for me for just that reason – December 31st is my birthday! I started thinking about my new word in the few weeks leading up to my day, made lists of different words that had meaning to me, and this one spoke to me. It explained how I would get everything I wanted.

By taking action.

By focusing on and taking ACTION, I am dedicated to everything I want daily. I am improving my mental state of being. I am focused on results and always looking for ways to get them. I feel challenged, creative, and excited about starting the day.

I also find that when I want to take time off, relax, or do something not on my schedule, I feel no guilt as I know I have a plan to return to. I have given myself freedom to pivot and make changes to my schedule when needed, because I have also committed to myself that what I chose to move does just that – it moves, it doesn’t get cancelled. I also know that the less action I take, the farther away my goals become.

So…what is your word for 2023? Why, and what does it mean to you? Or if you haven’t yet chosen one…why not? If you need help choosing one, let’s chat!

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