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2019 in Review

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Happy New Year everyone!

As I sat there Tuesday night watching the ball drop, I found myself more emotional than I expected. The events that have shaped my life this past decade have been life-altering, and although I see January 1st as an arbitrary date to start making changes in your life (I mean, ANY day can be your Day 1!), it hit me that this decade has been the most important in my life. So I poured myself another glass of bubbly, directly addressed the universe to give thanks for everything I have experienced and to commit to new goals I have. During this process, I’ll admit that I found myself overwhelmed with emotion, and watched the celebrations on TV through tearful, emotional, but happy eyes. I truly have a life for which I am extremely grateful.

I have learned first-hand that it’s true that low points are temporary, and that every so-called bad thing that happened to me actually turned out to be the opposite as the outcomes put me on the road to bigger and better things. I have learned more about myself, both the good and the bad, that I had no idea existed within me. The growth that I have experienced this past decade far outweighed that which I had in the 40 years prior. I can confidently say that if I haven’t seen you since 2010, there’s a strong chance we would need to be reintroduced. And I promise that’s a good thing.

So as I sit here and look around me on January 1st, my physical surroundings have not changed. I still have the same to-do list, the same strategic plan for my business, the same goals as I had yesterday - but somehow it does have a new feeling.

Maybe it’s the fact that Netflix is no longer streaming Friends. Oh well, back to DVDs…

At the end of December of 2018, I celebrated my 50th birthday. Yesterday, I reflected again on my first 50 years on this planet, since I was also reviewing the decade and the year. Luckily, if my genetic history is any indication, I will be graced with another 50 years, which will be helpful as I have so many things I still want to do.

Although this first installment of 2020 is personal, I hope that you find it an indication that you are not alone in any of your struggles, issues or experiences, and that you hear that not only have I been there, but I have both survived and thrived because of it. After this, I will tackle subjects that I know will be of interest to you, and bring value to help you on your own personal journey.

First, let’s briefly review the first 50 years:

  • Married at 22, it lasted 19 years.

  • 1 son, who is about to turn 22, and is the pride of my life. He is intelligent, brave, compassionate, independent, loving, and everything any parent would want your child to be.

  • My path, while sometimes unexpected, and definitely not as planned - in fact, if everyone starts with a Plan A… I think I’m on at least Plan M by now.

  • As luck would have it, the biggest period of growth has occurred in the last decade, which I have to say is both convenient and coincidental for purposes of this discussion - but it’s TRUE!

Next, the Decade in Review

  • This has been the most important and impactful decade in my life.

  • Divorce

  • Adopted two cats (I'm not a crazy cat lady, but they sure are cute!)

  • Best and biggest vacations of my life - Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Florida, London

  • Progressed professionally - promotions, raises, experiences, knowledge

  • Developed strong adult friendships

  • My son grew up and moved out

  • Went back to school

  • Moved three times

  • Intense self-discovery, mental exploration, personal growth, self-acceptance

  • Discovered a happiness and joy that I not only didn’t believe existed, but thought I didn’t deserve

  • Removed toxicity from my life, and continue to do so as needed without guilt, remorse, or delay

And finally, the 2019 Year in Review

  • Rang in 2019 in NYC

  • Left a job that didn’t suit or satisfy my skill set

  • Started my own company; created LLC

  • Earned certifications in both life coaching and image consulting

  • Major spiritual awakening

  • Wrote and published my first book

  • Started my first podcast

  • Joined the Board and became VP Communications for AICI WEST

  • Learned how to shoot a gun

  • Graduated college, Summa Cum Laude

  • Joined Irvine Chamber of Commerce

  • Applied for my first trademark

  • Created a class for City of Irvine, happening this Spring

  • Became vegetarian

  • Greatly reduced alcohol intake. I haven’t given it up, but there is a ½ bottle of wine that’s been in my refrigerator for well over a month.

  • Creating and in pursuit of multiple income streams

  • Met and found friendships with impressive professionals, which challenge me to grow

  • Watched my son work hard to realize his dream

Because of this trifecta (50 years, decade and year to review), at this arbitrary marker, I am setting and stating goals for this year. Not resolutions, but intentions and commitments.

2020 is a year of clear - if not perfect - vision. If you follow numerology, my number is 4. This year has the potential to be cosmically and universally epic for me, and I am embracing it with everything I have.

I am now going to state these intentions to put them out into the universe, allowing me the opportunity to manifest them into reality, and to hold myself publicly accountable to my commitments. It’s going to be an exciting year, laying the groundwork for a decade to celebrate.

2020 Goals

  • Health and fitness. I have just this week started running, and am training to run a ½ marathon in May. Let us just hope I can keep enough Advil in the house to keep me going. By the way, follow me on Twitter and #kkb2020run for updates and feel free to hold me accountable to this one. I’ll need the help.

  • Learn sign language and Spanish. I know I can help more people if I learn both, and it’s also been a personal goal for a long time. I commit to able to at least have simple conversations by June 30th.

  • Research and learn more about color-blindness. I think there is something to add to the image portion of my business, but I’m not yet sure

  • Complete my 2nd book. The outline is almost done, and I can’t wait to get it into your hands.

  • Travel someplace new. I have no idea where that will be, but I will get there.

  • Launch KKB Soft Skills Academy classes and develop a curriculum for students from elementary through professional stages.

  • Launch other programs I am planning - a membership program, masterminds, more classes - I lose sleep at night because I know they hold such value and can enrich the lives of others, which is always my goal.

  • Become more involved in my image association and the Irvine Chamber of Commerce. Both are amazing organizations and I have so much to learn from both.

  • Find additional, diversified sources of income. That means another possible corporate job, and adding products to complement my coaching and image consulting processes.

  • I also want to mention that I do have very specific financial goals, including paying off all debt including my car, building my investment portfolio, income marks…but those I will always keep private. But rest assured, they are most certainly written down, scheduled, and in front of my face on a daily basis.

  • And here’s another personal goal - this will be the last New Year that I won’t have someone to kiss at midnight. I’m not real sure where I’m going to find time to meet someone and develop a relationship, but I am open to it

Have you set your goals, intentions, or commitments yet? The date may be arbitrary, but there's no better time than TODAY to start!

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