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Coach and development partner.

Professional image presence guide.

Keynote and conference speaker.

Instigator and truth-teller.

Hello and Welcome!

You are on the verge of realizing the growth and development you deserve and desire.

The hardest part can sometimes be just taking the first step.

Let's get started together.

What KKBI Does...

...all from a place of mindfulness









As a Certified Coach and Image Consultant, I inspire and empower passionate professionals to overcome a limiting mindset to design the life of their dreams.

I have taken my 25 years of corporate experience, funneled it into my passion, and found my purpose to help people realize their dreams and reach their full potential. I have spent my career supporting, advising and advancing members of the C-suite, and have always found a sense of joy and accomplishment in that work.

As an executive coach and trainer I focus my intuitive nature on presence, servant leadership, staff development, time management and organization, and team building. As an image consultant, I build upon my coaching skills to help your physical representation reflect your inner strength and self-image. And as a speaker, I share my insights and experiences to awaken your inner source of power.

Throughout my life, I have dealt with personal challenges like so many others - verbal and emotional abuse, lack of self-esteem, impostor syndrome, depression, relationship collapses, and even suicide.


But with skills and knowledge I developed through training, therapy, experience, a spiritual awakening, a series of intense "holy sh*t" moments - and just making the choice to be courageous, vulnerable and brave - I now focus on sharing my purpose with others.


Having gone through so  many personal transformational periods, they helped mold me into the person I am today and will forever provide guidance on how I am actively and purposefully designing my best life. programs are designed to offer flexibility and personalization to meet your needs and requirements.


To empower people to shed their limiting beliefs, take action on their goals and take control of their future best selves.

The How

A coach is a powerful business tool - a secret weapon, I might add. My skills allow me to operate as a silent partner, as your spare conscience, and a voice of reason, an unconditional supporter, and personal challenger. I expect and push you to find your best self. I see through walls, personal roadblocks and denials, and do not shy away from asking the difficult questions.

As your development partner, my coaching and guidance are unconditional and impartial, and my only objective is your success. This relationship is a neutral, safe place to work and think through topics of your choosing.

I put the needs of my clients above any personal gain. Without your success, I have none - and I find my greatest joy in seeing your results. Your plan is created by you, the client, with customized objectives and activities for achieving your goal.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help!