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KKB Personal Branding Academy

For better or for worse, the first impression you give to someone will be formed in sometimes less than seven seconds.


Why do you need a personal brand? I'll tell you a secret: You already have one, no matter how much or how little effort or thought you put into it. You need to understand that perception is reality - how you think about yourself and how others see you.

It's neither a luxury nor even an option - it's a necessity in today's world.

And it's fluid, it's a living entity. It takes a shape and morphs to fit your current need.

Don't take this as you being told that you're "right" or "wrong" in your fashion and style choices. It's all about you and knowing who you are and what you want. About learning what works best for you. And making sure your messaging matches and exemplifies it.

Life happens - has your branding kept pace?

On-Line Courses Launching 2021!

  • Each on-line, well-rounded and comprehensive program is a guided course that can include video and/or PPT lessons, a detailed workbook, downloadable PDF documents, homework, quizzes, and a Certificate of Completion. 

  • Some courses include a live Q&A Zoom coaching session each week with Karen, and, upon course completion, all courses access to a private Facebook group.

Courses currently in development for 2021 Release:

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Are you already further along and looking for a more intensive, personal program? Check out my VIP Service, "Transformative Image Program."


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