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Continuous improvement and personal investment should be a priority

In-Person Classes

Coming April 2020 - "Getting Your First Job," the first class in my Life Skills Boot Camp, is being offered through the City of Irvine. Classes run 1.5 hours, one day a week for three weeks.

Description: Put yourself at an advantage when looking for your first job (and applying for college) by learning the soft skills needed to succeed. You will learn how to build an attention-getting resume (and what skills to include if you have no work experience), how to contact potential employers, how to make a great impression during interviews (image, behaviors, and communications), how to be the professional that employers are looking for (ethics, etiquette, and customer service), and show college admission boards you have real-life experience.

Registration NOW OPEN!


On-Line Learning

On-line learning easily accommodates career and school schedules. 

In my Education and Training environment, you will find reference lists to download as well as classes that will enrich both your professional and personal life.

Visit today and start your expansion adventure...

20 for '20 Podia 2 (1).png


20 for '20

Reflect. Release. Plan. Celebrate.

Success and desired change doesn't just land on your doorstep. You need to take action!

In 20 simple steps, you create for yourself the base you need to realize your goals and effect real change.

Mastering the Art of Professional Presen


Mastering the Art of Professional Presence


Your presence is so much more than what you wear.

Learn how to command the room, persuade and influence your peers, and become a sought-after leader.

Image Business 101_square.png


Image Business 101


You know and are passionate about image, fashion and style. You know how to do a consultation.

But do you know the business side? It's more than a website and social media.