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Please note that VIP 1:1 Programs have limited availability.

As such, all Programs require an initial interview during which we will confirm we are a match and set the Program schedule.


Not your typical image program


Yes, we'll go through your closet. Yes, we'll do your color analysis and body shape and type. But there's so much more...

  • Expanded self-awareness and acknowledged innate drivers

  • Understanding of Enclothed Cognition

  • Utilization of the human psychology of first impressions

  • Executive Presence

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Dress the Message

The 6 Elements of T.B.P. 




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What is an Image Consultant?

According to the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), the largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide, “Image consultants offer assistance in image enhancement (appearance, body and color analysis, wardrobe development, and management), sound and effective communications, business and social etiquette, civility, branding, and more—all through coaching and training.”

In layman's terms - an image consultant has the tools and knowledge to help you express yourself on your terms. To clarify your message. And to make you look and feel your absolute physical best in the process.

Everyone is already beautiful. Everyone is already perfect.

A professional can help you where you want it, not where someone else thinks you need it.

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Program Details

  • Nine+ month process

  • Life coaching sessions

  • Personality assessments & 360 Reviews

  • Private image and branding coaching sessions

  • Personal shopping and design services

  • Package or Monthy Billing

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Why work with an Image Consultant?

You own your personal message. You need to control what you're saying to others.

Working with a professional can help you define your personal brand and reflect a true visual representation of your inner power.


This extends to not only your wardrobe and intangible skills, but your physical surroundings, including your office or personal work space. Everything about you sends a message to others and wrong impressions are difficult if not sometimes impossible to correct.

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