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Be a guest on the P.I.N.K. Lifestyle Show!

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Hello and thank you for your interest in being a guest on the P.I.N.K. Lifestyle™ Show, which focuses on the practice of MINDFULNESS as the path for true transitional change. I firmly believe in the Law of Attraction, the power of manifesting using the energy of the Universe, learning to listen to your inner voice to serve your external messaging - and above all, love for all.


As an image consultant and life coach specializing in holistic leadership and personal branding, it is my mission to guide and coach women toward a purposeful, intentional, natural, and kind lifestyle (P.I.N.K. Lifestyle™) through enhanced learning, image and presence enrichment, integrative self-care, mindful thinking, and spiritual awareness.

I am driven and passionate about helping women change the way they see and think about themselves. I am also an advocate for women-created and women-led businesses, and believe we can all learn from the paths of and lessons learned by others.

I am currently looking to book episodes with women entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders, and am particularly interested in health and wellness coaches, personal services providers (beauty and/or spa services), photographers, and fashion industry experts.

Guests are invited to share their personal journeys and stories, but will also be asked to share their professional journeys and what they have learned while starting and running a business. I invite guests on my show with the goal of providing value to listeners, giving them valuable resources, and sharing additional knowledge that comes from diversified sources.

All shows are recorded with both audio and video via Zoom. Each episode lasts approximately 30 minutes, but we will connect before and after for pre- and post-production information as follows:


Before our session:

  • Forward a brief bio, profile photo, and your social media links to 

  • Before signing, review the sample Podcast Release Form. Signature will be requested via HelloSign for digital signature.

  • Upon receipt of your bio, photo, and signed release form, a Zoom link will be added to the scheduled recording session.

  • Read my free e-book in preparation of being on camera.


Day of:

  • Please note that the session will be recorded on both audio and video, and posted to major podcast platforms and YouTube.

  • 15 min - we’ll spend some time getting comfortable with each other, and checking camera lighting and microphone levels to ensure you look and sound your best! (NOTE - no special equipment is required - I just use my computer and ring light!)

  • 30 min - recording the episode (but I don't get stuck on the time. I focus on strong conversations). Don’t worry about mistakes, I can edit them out - but remember that listeners value authenticity over perfection. I’ll guide you by asking questions, but the main goal is for you to share your thoughts, theories, and experiences with the audience. You are the star of the show! I do like to cover some main topics, so please be prepared to share the following:

    • Your story. Your background. How and why you started your business or venture.

    • Describe your business itself, and how your products or services help others.

    • Who best benefits from your products or services (i.e. what type of client)

    • What have you learned on your journey (business, personal, both, etc.)

    • What sets you apart from others in your same line of work?


  • 15 min - we will discuss the show and I’ll share what’s next and the publishing schedule.


Post Session:

  • I will share with you artwork to promote the episode before it goes live.

  • I will post the episode both on my podcast AND on YouTube and you’ll receive those links to share with your own social media following.


Again, thank you for helping to spread more love and light into the world. If you have any questions, please reach out to or 714-944-0757.

Some prior guests..

Scott Manduck.jpg

Scott Manduck


1 CAT 2019 Headshot.jpg

Women's Business Mentor


ShaRon Rea

Founder, No Judgment. Just Love.®

Felicia Searcy.png

Felicia Searcy

Premier Results Expert

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